My reason for going natural....

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My reason for going natural.... Empty My reason for going natural....

Post  RainOnu on Thu Jan 21, 2010 3:10 pm

Curly 'fro (Nov 08)
My reason for going natural.... Dsc_3210
Pressed (March 09)
My reason for going natural.... Dscn0210
Blow Out (Aug 09)
My reason for going natural.... Dsc_3511

I decided to go natural a few years ago because the salons in Atlanta were too expensive to get a relaxer then the stylists schedules kept changing on a weekly basis. At the time my retail job did not allow me the luxury of planning 6 weeks ahead. Now that I'm getting used to it I love it. I didn't do a true BC I just kept it flat ironed and trimmed and inch off at a time with a stylist who also began to change her schedule after helping me through my transition. The pressed picture is from last year my hair has grown since then.

I love meeting natural hair people because even though I've been natural so long I still have no clue what I'm doing. I'm trying to grow it out. I considered loc'n it but I love my occasional bone straight press. As a photographer I was trying to chronicle my efforts but since my hair stopped growing I stopped taking those pictures. I really want to start again. My boyfriend is currently growing his afro afro and is also considering loc'n his hair as well. From these forums I'd like to learn from others on different methods of maintaining a good natural hair care routine for both of us.
My reason for going natural.... Dscn0310

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