Why I am deciding to go natural

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Why I am deciding to go natural Empty Why I am deciding to go natural

Post  Agirlonajourney on Tue Jul 20, 2010 12:59 pm

I got my first relaxer so long ago that I can't even remember. The first time my hair came out great as did the second and third. Then I went to the hairdressers and I got a re-touch and I also decided to get my hair cut. That too came out great until I left the time between relaxers for too long and my hair broke in the crown area. This left me with a patch of natural hair there and because I wasn't used to it I thought that a relaxer would sort it out. So again I got a re-touch and it hurt so much in the crown area where I had suffered all the breakage, I thought that getting a relaxer would make my hair grow back to the length it was before it broke. All this happened while i was 13. I am 14 now and my last relaxer was in April. The last one hurt my scalp so bad that I almost cried. I decided to quit getting relaxers and go natural because of the amount of pain I was going through to get straight hair. Even now the crown area of my scalp feels a little bit sore. Another reason why I decided to go natural was because whenever I went to get a re-touch the hairdresser would ask me if it as burning, I would say yes, they would say how much, I would say a lot!, they would insist that it needs to stay in for longer, and then I would go home with scabs all over my head, my mum would ring the hairdresser and complain, they would say rub vaseline on it. (It never helped). The cycle ould go on and on and I've had enough. Yet another reason why I wan't to go natural is because my sister has just done it and her hair is amaaazing! We have similar hair, so I'm kind of guessing what my hair will be like based on how her hair is now. I love this forum, it's encouraging to read the stories and see the pictures of people who have gone natural. I live in the U.K and I can't seem to find any youtube videos of people doing it over here but I am still going natural!


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