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Post  Melley26 on Wed Jul 14, 2010 4:30 pm

As I've gotten older, I began to hate the way my hair looked when it was freshly relaxed. It was just thin, flat and boring! Then living in TX during the summer time...the humidity will change your cute hairstyle into frizzy edges and flat ends within seconds.

I'm usually the type of girl that does my hair myself or ask my sister to do it if it was something I couldn't do, like sew in tracks. I just didn't want to pay someone to wash my hair or put in a relaxer, then have to sit in the salon for 4 hours. It just seemed like a waste of time and money. Earlier this year my hair really started to bother me. I just got tired of having the same "wrapped" look that I've had for years. I thought maybe if I started going to a beautician on a regualar basis, my hair will be healthier and grow and can be styled differently. So, I started going to a beautician and the first time she gave me a relaxer, I got burned really near my temple. A couple of days after that, I said to myself "This is rediculous. Why am I paying all this money to change the structure of my hair that God gave me and I'm in pain while doing it?" So the last time I had a relaxer was March 18th 2010 and I'm loving the new texture that I'm seeing! Some family and friends are not very supportive of the decision, but it doesn't matter to me. My sister supports me, my boyfriend supports me...and there's sites like this with many individuals who have gone through it and have great results which are very inspiring to me.

I'm not ready for the bc yet, but I have a feeling that when that time comes, I will feel so free!


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