Curlformers and other Natural hair questions

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Curlformers and other Natural hair questions Empty Curlformers and other Natural hair questions

Post  NewlyNatural10 on Wed Jul 14, 2010 1:03 pm

Hey! I absolutely LOVE all of your videos! I am newly natural and I need HELP! lol. Your hair videos have been so informative and helpful and your styles are so beautiful! I really want to try the curlformers, immediately after I saw ur video I went to the website to buy them. I have a question though: Did you buy the starter pack with 10 curlformers? or did you buy the entire kit with 40 cf's? I also have no idea what kind of products to use for any kind of style on my hair, do you have any ideas? I see that you make some of your own products too, Id like to try that.. would you mind giving me some pointers?
Congrats on going for your grad degree too, Im currently looking for grad schools as well. Good luck with your degree =)


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