BC: Dec. 5, '09

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BC: Dec. 5, '09 Empty BC: Dec. 5, '09

Post  Jbutiful on Sun Jan 31, 2010 2:12 am

I have not been natural for about 10 years. I was unknowledgeable when it came to the maintenance of natural hair. But with education and the youtube videos, I began my hair journey. I transitioned from October '09 until December '09. My initial transition period was one year, but as you see, I couldn't wait to get into my new look for 2010 and beyond! My little sister inspired me when she did her BC two months before mine. Enjoy!

In transition: Bantu Knot-Out
BC: Dec. 5, '09 01310

The BC 12/5/09
BC: Dec. 5, '09 Big_ch10

Today: Almost 2 months after BC
BC: Dec. 5, '09 Jai1010

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