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Post  CupcakeLuv on Tue Jan 12, 2010 1:45 pm

I have tried sooooo many products in my hair. So many things have left me disappointed, broke and down right ANGRY Sad
Because I am half latin and half black my texture is a little stubborn at times. I have a combination of curls and waves and constantly struggle w/not enough moisture and frizz. The one hair care line that has never steered me wrong, always made me smile and continue to provide me with praises are MIXED CHICKS Products. I love them so much. They have the best shampoo and deep conditioner that I have ever used. Their leave in condition is like hitting the mega millions.
After using their products my hair is always super light, curls are well defined, moisturized, and healthy. I noticed great results from other products that I used to them INSTANTLY Smile The best part of it is, I can untangle my hair in the shower and not feel depressed because I'm ripping all my hair out.
The fabulous thing about their products is you don't even have to be a "mixed chick" to enjoy the many pleasures of their products. Trust me folks, you won't be unhappy.

The one hair care line that does not work in my hair at all is ANYTHING by Miss Jessie's.
Unfortunately, I have spent so much money on their products and never see the results I long for. Every time I use their products my hair is super hard as if I have gel or hair spray in it as well has flakes. I've never used any products that make my hair flake as if I have a serious dandruff problem.
I'm not the only one w/this problem. A bit of my friends have used some of their products and they do experience the same flakes. Also, the products don't moisturize my hair at all. Honestly...I'm jealous of anyone that uses their products and have it work. I wanted them to work so bad and sometimes I continue to have faith that one day it will Smile

I also can NOT live without Shea Butter and Coco Butter Smile

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